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MATHFactor Cyprus 2013

The idea is to encourage young people with passion for mathematics to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with the general public. MATHFactor Cyprus 2013 was organized by Cyprus Mathematical Society in collaboration with Thales Foundation Cyprus, within the framework of the 9TH Pancyprian Student Conference in Mathematics (8-10 March 2013, Agros, Cyprus)

What is the goal of MATHFactor?

The aim of Math Factor is to encourage students, to try with enthusiasm to stimulate the imagination of the public and be able to develop their ideas with presentation skills to a non-specialist audience.

How it's done?

Participants have three minutes to impress the jury and audience, through a fun and original presentation that contains the mathematical accuracy, but at the same time is understandable and enjoyable to a non-mathematical audience. The presentation may be in Greek or in English. The criteria include assessment on the content, originality and charisma.

Who is involved?

The contest is open to students from public or private secondary education schools (ages 12-18).

17 students participated in the Competition, developing mathematical problems and theories in an original and well performed presentation.

The first three winners were:

1st prize: Koralia Lambrou


2nd prize: Loukia Markou


3rd prize: Christina Achilleos