Blended AIM - Blended Academic International Mobility

Blended AIM (or Blended Academic International Mobility) - is a project initiated by the Instituto Politecnico Do Porto in cooperation with European Association of Erasmus Cordinators and 8 other international partners in 2015 and funded by the European Commissions under Erasmus+ programme.

Blended Mobility is an educational program that combines physical mobility and the blended learning approach. In a blended mobility setting the students can get international experience, without being a full semester abroad. Typically the students will participate in a project for several months, communicate virtually and are abroad for two weeks. In the B-aim project we want to promote the blended mobility approach and we research the positive (& negative) impacts on the students careers.

Structural objectives:

• Settle the European foundation for blended mobility.

• Foster internationalization of education.

• Deploy, test and disseminate a blended mobility capstone project course unit combining best practices in place at partners’ institutions.

Pedagogical objectives:

• Promote students’ employability through non-formal learning not requiring curricula changes.

• Promote international experience of undergraduate students.

• Boost the provision of professional skills, support collaborative learning and critical thinking.