HUM@N - Digital Transformation in Humanities




HUM@N (or Digital Transformation in Humanities) is a project funded by the European Commissions under Erasmus + KEY Action 2 Programme which aims to develop a set of tools and guidelines addressed to higher education educators/professors in the field of humanities (literature, history, geography, philosophy etc.).

As stated by the Working Groups on the Modernisation of Higher Education and Digital Skills and Competences last January 2017 in Malta: “Rapid technological development is transforming the way in which higher education is delivered and students participate. The diversification of the student population requires individualisation of learning, more flexible delivery and a greater focus on pedagogies that provide support for learners.” Even though the classic ways of teaching humanities subjects are the least likely to be affected by the digital transformation, yet are those that can benefit the most, since ICTs  enriches student’s education and promotes the occurrence of deep and authentic learning (Gilbert & Hoepper, 2014 pp.158).

 As more academic contents and tools are becoming available openly and freely, students will continue to require local support for learning, which underlines the importance of teachers’ pedagogical skills along with field-specific competence. Moreover Teaching staff will also need stronger frameworks for assessing students’ learning outcomes as well as the value of different technologies and how or when to use them. Also Authorities and institutions should priorities flexible approaches that allow context and discipline specific responses rather than one-size-fits-all solutions.  This approach was already stated in the Framework for digitally competent educational organization (RC 2015) which entails that “teaching and learning is ‘redesigned’ to incorporate digital technologies. Building on relevant research, the organization promotes a diversity of technology-enabled learning and teaching practices that are flexible, adaptable and engaging”.

Therefore, the project will investigate on the main challenges faced by teachers in humanities field in order to:
-  Improve teachers’ ICT skills and competences
-  Provide user friendly and adaptable tools to teachers to improve their teaching performances
- Improve students’ motivation and engagement


Implementation period:  01/11/2019 – 31/12/2021 (26 months)

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