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The Cyprus Mathematical Society is a non for profit organization established in Cyprus in 1983 and registered with the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is currently the largest scientific organization in Cyprus with some 800 members. The activities of the Cyprus Mathematical Society include the organization of all local math competitions as well as some international like the Balkan Math Olympiad for different age groups and the SEEMOUS for university students. Other activities include an annual conference on Mathematics Science and Education and the series of Mediterranean Conferences on Mathematics Education organized in different Mediterranean countries.
Name: MAKRIDES Gregoris
Name: PHILIPPOU Andreas
The THALES Foundation is a non-for profit organization registered in Cyprus with a goal to become one of the most dynamic educational organizations in the region. The mission of THALES Foundation is the recognition of academic excellence and to facilitate the young people to express their talent. This is accomplished through organization of activities that promote the harmonious development of youth using non-formal education, by stimulating their creative and applicative thinking, the intuition, the imagination, the discovery and innovation, the ability to select and to make decisions.
Name: SKOTINOS Andreas
Name: CHRISTOU Constantinos
Name: KENDEROV Petar
Name: CHRISTOU Elpida
Charles University is located in Prague and is a public institution. Charles University’s Faculty of Education mission is to prepare teachers for all types and levels of schools, prepare specialists and scientists in the area of pedagogy, educational psychology and didactics. Depending on the type of study, the Faculty of Education awards Bachelor, Master and Doctor Diploma and Degrees. In the area of international co-operation, the Faculty of Education focuses on various types of projects in the Socrates programme (Comenius, Lingua, Grundtvig, Minerva, Arion, Erasmus).
Name: NOVOTNÁ Jarmila
Name: JANČAŘÍK Antonín
Name: JANČAŘÍKOVÁ Kateřina
Loild-art is for 21 years now an “Educational Gallery”. The rooms of the Gallery are situated in the “Kaiservilla Bad Ischl” (Emperors Palace of Franz Josef 1st) and in the “Höplingerhaus” Bad Goisern. More than 700 visitors per week get in contact with our “Contemporary-Art-Presentations”. We exhibit artists from Austria and Europe and about ten times a year we prepare special presentation combining art and music.
Name: LOIDL Helmut
VUZF University is a Higher Education Institution of insurance and finance and is the first private university in Bulgaria specialized in the area of finance, insurance and social insurance, management and marketing. VUZF’s mission is to prepare highly qualified specialists in economics and to develop economic science in accordance with the needs of contemporary practice. The academic policy of the University is the implementation of the best educational practices of Europe and of the world. Its main purpose is to provide high quality studies and career success of students by maintaining a very good cooperation with the business community. The faculty members are among the most outstanding scientists, with extensive training and practical experience, being current or former heads of state and private institutions.
Name: GROZDEV Sava
The school currently has 800 students distributed in three forms of education: secondary school, high school, evening courses. «Calistrat Hogas» National College Piatra-Neamt responds to the requirements of youth and adults’ social and professional development by assuring an appropriate link between general and professional knowledge, by promoting strategies, standards and ideals which aim to improve respect for values such as democracy, freedom, truth and respect for the institution and the fellow human beings, which will help the young adults to assert themselves within society as an independent and dignified, personality capable of individual opinions, dialogue and civilized behavior and respect for the work place.
Name: CIRCU Nadia
Name: MERISOR Marius
Name: CODRUTA Secara
Name: CODRUTA Luis Filimon
Lyckeskolan is a public secondary school with 350 students in the age of 12-16 years. The school has also integrated students with special needs. It employs 45 people. Lyckeskolan specializes in the arts, such as painting, drama, crafts and music and about 50% of our students participate in such activities. The rest of the students specialize in sports.
Name: LYDELL Manfjard Malin
LEOLAB is a multidisciplinary center that offers an integral service in the field of education, early attention and psychology. LEOLAB was founded in the year 2003, as an alternative to face the challenges and changes related to the development and difficulties of learning. The intention of LEOLAB is to respond to the demands and social needs in the field of the education, training and early attention. LEOLAB offers an integral service to pupils, families and educational centers.
Name: CID Esperanza
Name: DIESTE Belén
Name: MUÑOZ Marta
The Junior Mathematical Society Miskolc founded in 1996 focuses on organizing Mathematical events and publishing Mathematical journals, teaching materials in order to contribute to the popularisation and development of Mathematics in the region. These activities are carried out in cooperation with the University of Miskolc, teachers and students of the secondary schools, and other associations.
Name: KÖRTESI Péter
The European Office of Cyprus (EOC) is a non profit, non governmental organization based in Nicosia, with a representation office in Brussels. It was co-founded in 2007 by 18 organisations from a wide spectrum of sectors and interests, such as academic institutions, local authorities, banking and legal sector, as well as the cultural, tourism and youth. Τοday, it numbers 22 members. The European Office of Cyprus aims to offer support to its members, so they can use to the maximum the funding and development opportunities offered by the European Union.
Name: STREVINIOTI Roza-Maria
Name: TSIKOUDI Despoina
Name: KATSALIS Christos
Saint-Charles High School is a private school under contract with the State Education. It has about 400 pupils and 30 teachers. Extra lessons are offered by the school to pupils with special needs such as Mathematics and French and the ones with good capacities can follow a European Section. For all, the school can provide many extra-curricular activities enabling them to develop their talents. Among the workshops provided are drama – writing-choir-circus and sports.
Name: KERVENIC Claire
Name: DAREES Elise
Name: GUEGUEN Edith (7 March – 26 June 2013)
The Institute of Communication and Computer Systems – National Technical University of Athens (ICCS-NTUA) is one of the leading technological Greek R&D institutes in the fields of technology-enhanced learning, affective and social computing and new media (Web 2.0). More than 200 engineers and CS graduates work within ICCS, while about 100 of them also study towards their PhD diploma.
Name: KARPOUZIS Constantinos
Com2go Ltd is a leading digital agency established in 1999 based in Cyprus. Com2go is involved in almost all areas of web technology and actively focuses in new technology evolution through on-line collaboration and affiliations. Com2go has over the last 5 years been working closely with the Cyprus Mathematical Society on several projects and in many areas as a technology partner, offering solutions such as: -Automated (computerised) Math Olympiad answer sheet correction -Technology training, ICT support -Web development -Digital promotion -Multimedia productions (iBooks)
Name: NIROU Natasa
Name: CHERNINKOV Vladimir