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Le-MATH Focus Group
on Learning mathematics through new communication factors

The Le-MATH project is inviting friends of MATHeatre and MATHFactor methods and competitions to become members of the Le-MATH Focus group.

The Focus Group aims at supporting the Le-MATH exploitation , in particular:

  1. The support of the Exploitation plan of the project as published.
  2. Promoting the methods in all European countries and beyond.
  3. Developing more examples of Math Theatre and Math Factor (scripts and video).
  4. Developing new factors of mathematics communication.
  5. Continuing the competitions under the established EUROMATH annual conference.
  6. Supporting the Le-MATH Social Network Platform
  7. Supporting and promoting the Le-MATH training course, including updates and improvement of the methods.
  8. Searching for sponsors for prizes to the annual European competitions.
  9. Supporting the newsletters of Le-MATH.
  10. Approaching Corporations for securing support in the aims of the Focus Group and establishing possible sponsorships.
  11. Supporting popularization for attracting new audiences and new participants.
  12. Initiate or participate in new proposals for EU funding in expanding to new activities and to develop a Network for introducing new innovative mathematics communication factors.
  13. Promoting Le-MATH to non-Europeans.
  14. Promoting the adaptation of the methods in schools in Europe.

Members will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop and offer related workshops during the EUROMATH conferences.
  • Publish monographs on factors of mathematics communication.
  • Promote a new journal on Mathematics Communication.
  • Contribute to the newsletters of Le-MATH.
  • Participate in the jury for the two competitions, MATHeatre Europe and MATHFactor Europe.
  • Participate in the Editorial Board of related journal or conference proceedings.
  • Participate in the Le-MATH training course.
  • Become members of the jury for web competitions.

Becoming a member of the Focus Group is free of charge.

Members will communicate through:

  • emails
  • skype, social media, LinkedIn, etc
  • at least one annual meeting at the annual EUROMATH conference

The coordination of the Focus Group will be the joint responsibility of the Cyprus Mathematical Society and the THALES Foundation of Cyprus.

Members could be individuals or representatives of organizations, societies or enterprises.

To become a member download the application form at the section “Le-MATH Focus Group” and send it by email to

Click here to download the application form (in pdf)

Click here to download the application form (in Word Document)

Focus Group Members (click here)