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Le-MATH Project

Theatre Play writing competition on the theme of Mathematics


The European Project Le-MATH announces a competition for theatre play writing competition. The play is expected to be performed by pupils of the ages of 9-18 and the main theme is mathematics (theory, applications, history of mathematics, etc). The competition is open to all European Union citizens and beyond, and may be theater play writers, teachers and trainers of all levels or specialists who can participate individually or in teams, representing themselves or their organization.



-The theatre play script needs to be written and submitted in the English language in an electronic form with the following specifications by August 30th 2013. If the play has been prepared initially in a European language other than English it should be submitted in both languages.

-The theatre play must be original; it is expected to be script dialogues between performers or equivalent. The performers in the play are expected to be pupils of age 9-18. Plays without words or 100% musical without dialogue will not be accepted in this competition.

-All theatre plays, whether they receive an award or not, will be published in a special edition of Le-MATH-THΕATRE (a special manual to be used as aid for teachers and trainers). By submitting the theatre play to the competition the copyrights are transferred to the European project Le-MATH partnership. For every published theatre play a full reference will be made to the author(s), whether they were winners or not. The plays, which will not be published, will be returned to their authors.

-Every writer can send more than one play.

-1st, 2nd and 3rd prize and honourable mentions will be awarded.

-The writers receiving an award will be given the opportunity to participate as members of the jury in the on-line European Competition starting in 2014 and the winner of the 1st prize will be invited to the live final competition, which will take place in Cyprus in 2014 to participate in the jury during the live finals.


Type and specifications of submitted plays:

The mathematics theatre play:

-must involve at least 2 and maximum 10 performers.

-have duration in play with minimum 5 min and maximum 15 minutes.

-have a clear content, simple and achieve its target, which is the understanding of mathematics, the cultivation of students’ love for it but also supporting the elimination of fear some students have towards mathematics.

-must be designed so that it can be performed on a stage in a theatre.

-can belong to all kinds of drama and must be written in English.

-must not have been officially published.

-If music is included it needs to be submitted in a CD or sent electronically with a relevant description of when the music is played. The music has to have a license to be used free of charge.

-The published theatre plays will not be returned. Authors will be able to download an electronic version of the manual when it is published.


Evaluation criteria of the theatrical plays


The plays will be judged by a jury.

  1. The correct English language is a criterion; the richness of the vocabulary of the play and whether it expresses what the writer wants. The imagination, evolution, originality, plot and the characters’ closure of the theatre play. 
  2. The coherence of the main subject mathematics with the rest of the play.
  3. The satisfaction of the purpose of the competition, which is supporting the promotion of students’ love towards mathematics through knowledge and understanding. The script is expected to support elements of ethos and passion for mathematics through the theatre play.


Download the submission form here