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After one and half years, the European Project Le-MATH, has closely completed the development of a new methodology for the learning and teaching of mathematics to students of age between 9 and 18 . This new methodology introduces two new set of tools, which have been specifically created in order to be used in the training of teachers who teach mathematics to students aged 9-18. These two new tools are:

Α. MATHeatre: Teaching and learning mathematics through math theatre activities.

Β. MATHFactor: Teaching and learning mathematics through mathematics communication activities.

For this purpose, a new platform has been created, in which one can find a set of good practices that are used globally in the teaching of mathematics through mathematical theatre activities and through mathematics communication activities. Furthermore, two guidebooks have been drafted that will help teachers to develop the aforementioned tools in their classroom. The final form of the guidelines will be ready for publication by the summer of 2014, in 10 different languages. The first draft of the guidelines has been already published on the webpage of the and they were used during the pilot phase of the project, by teachers and students participating in the finals of MATHFactor Europe 2014 and MATHeatre Europe 2014. 

The whole process of the competitions, MATHFactor Europe 2014 and MATHeatre Europe 2014 serves basically as the pilot procedure of the project that examines the effectiveness of this new methodology. During the first phase of the competitions, more than 200 pupil and teachers participated, by submitting their work electronically. After the evaluation of the contestants, 120 pupils and teachers from Cyprus, France, Czech Republic, Lebanon, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia have been invited to take part to the competition finals (phase 2). The final phase of both competitions is organized during the European Student Conference in Mathematics EUROMATH 2014, which is taking place on the 24-28 of April 2014 at the Hilton Cyprus hotel at Nicosia. EUROMATH is organized under the auspices of the Minister of Education and Culture of Cyprus, Dr. Costas Kadis. More specifically, the finals of MATHFactor Europe 2014 will take place on Saturday 26 of April 2014 at 17:00 pm and the MATHeatre Europe 2014 competition, on Sunday 27 of April 2014 at 9:30 am. The venue of the competitions is Hilton Cyprus hotel (Ballrooms A, B, C) and the final contests are open to the public.